Drawing inspiration from the metamorphosis of butterfly, designer Sherly Gunawan, a graduate in Product Design from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, has designed an innovative air purifier that freshens up the environment through natural vegetation. Considering the fact that that indoor air can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor, the GreenAir is an indoor air purifier that grows living plants for fresh air. Research has demonstrated that certain plants are highly effective natural air purifiers. GreenAir employs those plants, which absorb contaminants from the air through the leaves and roots. The combination of plant roots and activated carbon has demonstrated the ability to remove great amount of indoor air pollutants.

GreenAir has a fan inside to pull the air to the root area, using solar panel as the energy source. So, larger amount of contaminants can be purified in a shorter time. It also has self-watering system, using nylon thread as the extension of the root. So, the plants can absorb water according to the needs. The planter is made of biodegradable material, when the plant has grown up; it can be directly transfer to soil and will be the nutrients for the plant.

via: the design blog


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