Competition Entry for Bispevika Development in Norway / PUSHAK

Competition Entry for Bispevika Development in Norway / PUSHAK:

Aerial - Rendering by MIR

The Bispevika mixed-use development proposal by PUSHAK maximizes the views of the harbor and integrates passive design methods to minimize energy use. The proposal is part of an invited competition that will conclude in January 2012.

Architects: PUSHAK
Client: HAV Eiendom
Location: Bispevika, , Norway
Project Size: 35000 sqm
Project Status: Invited Competition Entry

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View Framed by Courts - Courtesy of Pushak

proposes a 35000 square meter social hub on a former brown-field site in a Oslo harbor. Each mixed-use building opens up to the harbor and frames the view of the “species-rich” islands. The buildings wrap around a wooden terraced courtyards, providing play spaces and introducing the island-like nature into the site.

Site Plan - Courtesy of Pushak

In order to satisfy code, 10 percent of the seawater will be treated in three floating basins, separating the courtyard from the public promenade. Due to the low water quality, the basins can be both closed and partially closed, allowing control of the water circulation. The basins will also be used by local restaurants for oyster, lobster and seaweed farming.

Section - Courtesy of Pushak

Passive solar heating is made possible with the geometry of the structure while a compact building strategy minimizes heat loss. The courts allow for natural ventilation in the summer and shield cold winds in the winter. Solar energy, seawater-based heat pumps and sustainable district water heating is also proposed.

Courtesy of Pushak

Nearly all units have a private balcony or terrace. Semi-public pavilions further buffer the boundary of public and private while creating pleasant outdoor spaces. Common rooftop terraces provide all residences access to the ultimate views.

PUSHAK_Bispevika_001 Aerial - Rendering by MIR PUSHAK_Bispevika_002 Site Plan - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_003 Section - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_004 Section - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_005 Plan - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_006 Southern Block and Promenade - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_007 Crescent Street meets the Harbor - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_008 Inside Court - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_009 View Framed by Courts - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_010 Nature meets City - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_011 Ecology of the Islands - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_012 Wind Conditions - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_013 Solar Envelope, Subdivisions, Courts - Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_014 Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_015 Courtesy of Pushak PUSHAK_Bispevika_016 Courtesy of Pushak


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