A ‘FRESH’ and comfortable smoking booth for public spaces

Winning entry at I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review 2009, the “FRESH” by the designer of Cloud Sofa, D.K. Wei, is an open smoking booth for air travelers that presents an innovative solution for both the smokers and non-smokers. Designed for airport terminals, the smoking booth emitting fresh air allows a space for air passengers to break and exhaust old smoke by generating the low-pressure air at the arm top and base groove area. While the 360° Spherical “Air Wall” that works as a transition between the low pressure air generated and relatively high pressure air surrounded blocks the smoke inside the invisible wall and purify it into fresh air.

Featuring a modern and sleek design, the FRESH comes with a circular arm stand, embedded into the floor on the base, together with the cylindrical glass ash bin with a metal top in the middle of the booth floor, allowing a fresh and comfortable smoking space. Considering the fact that cigarette smoke is as injurious to the non-smokers as it is for the smokers, the FRESH comes as a healthy advancement that will help in improving the environment in public places, and that too without disquieting the smokers.



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