Siwa ecolodge by ERA

ERA architects have won the first place ( grade A+ ) in resort design project in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

The project located between a mountain called white mountain and a salty lake.

The topography of the mountain is the inspiration behind the project’s redial urban design.
The culture of siwa's people and materials they use in their life formed the chalets and the hotel.
here's some info from the architect:
at the western end of egypt lies a tranquil retreat.

where the body is healed, the soul is revived,  the senses are awakened and the spirit soars to new heights.

a place where sun, lake, sky and earth join as one to form a tropical oasis like no another.

a place called Siwa

Siwa's beauty comes from its unique and impressive culture and environment.
it appears at first as a sweet and innocent place which has just opened its eyes to the modern world and still let's itself be amazed.

tourists who come to Siwa ain't searching for luxury as far as they are loking for adventure and exploration.

so the goal was to minimize the distractions and to allow the graceful beauty of Siwa itself, to shine.

design: ERA architects

ebraheem imam - Ahmed El-Khiary - Reda Fat-hy

Built Area: 100,000 sqm (hotel, chalets, outdoor exhibition areas and mixed-use areas)


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