Portable vertical gardens

Designer Daniele Adamo, teaming up with Ravel Casela, has designed a portable vertical garden that can fit in a wall just 3 meters long. The garden, known as the Ecohabitare, is made from flat plates manufactured from recycled packages and different types of plastics. It can be easily installed in homes, companies and apartments. The concept is based on mobile modules, facilitating the maintenance and allowing flexibility, optimizing their exposure to the sun. These vertical gardens can be installed on the balcony of an apartment or a service area, which gets, at least, four hours of daily sunlight. The vertical garden brings advantages such as working while standing, to reduce strain on your back; reducing the number of weeds and insects; using a small amount of water; effective pest control, and it takes only 20 minutes to harvest and irrigate daily. The vertical gardens can be used to grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruits but the designers state that it is best suited for growing chives, parsley, tomato, basil, mint, bold, strawberry and rosemary. The fertilized soil has to be changed only once a year and new seeds can also be added at that time.

via: the design blog


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