Forsta or bamboo speaker

Music may sound sweet to the ear, but electronic waste courtesy the music players and speakers is becoming a curse for Mother Nature. Adding meaning to the music designer Jocko Chan has designed a sustainable speaker system dubbed “Forsta” that takes bamboo as the sound box of speaker. To get the better sound quality, all you need to do is to plant the bamboo with water, light source and heart. Bamboos have a timeless beauty that adds elegance and relax to the environment. The Forsta installs speaker inside the bamboo, the space inside the bamboo serve as sound box of a speaker. With the growth of the bamboo, the sound quality can be improved. The bigger the sound box, the richer sound could be produced. The Forsta suggests a new green concept that we are not only make use of natural or renewable materials when designing green products but make use of the natural vitality and utilize their natural feature. 



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